Many guests only hear of Freemasonry  initially in relation to some conspiracy theory or as a sensationalist news story attempting to reveal the secrets of our conquest for world domination.  We have had first timers inquire about “RFID chips” and others wanting us to help them negotiate a deal with Satan.  Our work could not be further from these pursuits.  We have been active on the peninsula since 1908 building a harmonious society that values integrity.  We have no ties to the Illumni.


Although, many of our events are private, we often invite guests who have shown themselves to be supporters of our order.  We raise our glasses and toast good deeds to develop the Brotherhood of men.


Our “work” includes volunteering at Orphanages by serving food or gathering donations on their behalf.


We’ll spend a great afternoon helping Santa distribute some gifts and spend time with some locals.


We solemnly visit cemeteries and honour those that have led before us.


The events we organise and attend are meant to promote our traditions of Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth.  No monetary compensation is accepted.



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