Charity is said to be the distinguishing characteristic of a Freemason’s heart. It is one of the three great pillars our mystic Order and the Scottish ritual reminds us that charity has the “approbation of Heaven and earth and, like its sister mercy, blesses him who gives as well as him who receives”.

Lodge Han Yang has always strived to help those in need, both inside the Lodge and within the community at large. Our almoner’s funds have provided much needed help to worthy and  distressed Brethren, while other endeavors, such as fundraising events, have dispensed monetary assistance to local and international charities. In the last few years, Lodge Han Yang has worked with a variety of organizations, including:

  • Wishlist
  • Give Out Love Handicapped Children’s Orphanage
  • Save the Children Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund
  • Children’s Organ Transplant Association
  • Masonic Crippled Children’s Association in Manila
  • Cararoo Foundation
  • Hong Kong Far East Masonic Benevolence Fund


Brother, even if your journey has taken you far from Seoul, you can still stay involved by helping us in our most virtuous work. Please consider making a donation. Remember, once you too were poor and penniless…

By Pay Pal

By Mail

If you prefer, you can also send us a check or money order. All checks and money orders must be in US funds and drawn from a US financial institution. Our mailing address is:

Lodge Han Yang
c/o Derek Clarke-Mastin

140-17 Junggok-2 Dong
Gwangjin Gu
Seoul, Republic of Korea

In Person

Of course, the easiest way to pay your dues is to join us for one of our regularly scheduled meetings. We’ll  be happy to accept a check or cash in US dollars, Korean won or British pounds sterling.


Our accounts in Korean Bank or American Bank.

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